About Us

Why Vital Records Online

We have streamlined the application process to allow you get your birth certificate from any U.S state in record time.

Eliminate the need to travel to distant government offices and stand in queues by applying via our simple form from home at any time.

Our personalized revision service and smart online form ensure that your application is not rejected or delayed.

Unlimited expert assistance
Our records experts are always available to assist you at any day in the year, before, during, and after the submission of with your application.

Secure Service
Your privacy and data are protected at all times using the most advanced encryption technologies and following all regulations.

State Processing
  • No direct support, all self-serviced.
  • No additional online security.
  • Slower processing and delivery times.
  • Basic service from state resource.
Using Vital Records Online
  • 24/7 direct e-mail support.
  • Complete security and protection of your info.
  • Fastest processing and delivery times anywhere.
  • Unmatched service and support.

Custom review by our experts

Save time and get your Vital Record stress-free, delivered at your door. Our online, secure ordering service is extremely straightforward. Our team of experts will assist you in reviewing your application, regardless what the state is, to ensure you receive a flawless application package, avoiding delays and penalties.